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Study Hall

Study Hall

At Northwood, we prepare students to be independent learners. This is done through explicit skill-building in the areas of self-management, time-management and study skills. Teachers of all courses expose students to these life skills, which are then reinforced by mandatory campus-wide evening study halls. 

During study hall, quiet conditions are in place on campus to facilitate academic work and allow students to direct their own learning. Study hall is held from 7:45 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. All boarding students are required to participate in evening study hall; day students are also welcome to attend.

Students have several options:

  1. Students in grades 10th-PG, and younger students in good academic standing, may study in their dorm rooms.  Dorm halls are supervised by faculty.
  2. Students enrolled in the Learning Center (LC) have a supervised study hall with LC staff in the library
  3. 9th graders and new 10th graders have a supervised study hall in the academic building.
  4. Seniors and robotics students may study at the Innovation Hub.

Study groups are allowed when deemed necessary for certain subjects. 

Faculty members are on duty and available for extra help during this time.